Personal profile

Defence consultant with unparalleled experience and extensive knowledge of defence capability management and delivery of defence equipment programmes. Specialising in the development of more effective strategy and market engagement in the UK and internationally to increase shareholder value for defence and security sector clients. Experienced in operational and change management in both government and business.

Bridging the gap between government and business

UK defence companies are world leaders in technical innovation but the route to market in the UK and abroad can be challenging. Companies must not only ensure that they develop products and services that are required by the military user, but they must also navigate the complex and political and industrial landscape in order to win.

I specialise in the development of successful strategies and in the engagement of the defence customer in the UK and internationally.

Unparalleled experience

Formerly, as the Programme Manager for the UK Protected Mobility Programme, I was responsible for re-equipping the army with new armoured vehicles for Iraq and Afghanistan, including Mastiff, Ridgback, Wolfhound, Viking and many others. I was also the architect of the parsifal rapid armour development programme with DSTL, which has accelerated the development of new armour systems to meet emerging threats.

Since leaving the army and establishing Araldo, I have been:

  • At the forefront in the delivery of through-life support service for UK protected mobility vehicles;
  • Involved in the development and marketing of the most advanced armour systems for vehicles and individual protection;
  • Instrumental in creating export business for UK defence technologies and services;
  • A leading author in defence journals in the UK and abroad.