Expert in capability management, John Reeve is a leading defence consultant with unparalleled and unique experience of programme delivery in both government and business.

A former infantry officer, I was privileged to manage the £1.2Bn UK Protected Mobility programme at MOD Main Building which re-equipped the Army with fully integrated armoured vehicles for the campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan. Now a consultant and thought leader in capability management, I deliver a range of services to defence & security sector clients in business and government. With extensive knowledge of defence business and skilled in strategic thinking, I am driven to deliver robust capability solutions to front-line soldiers.

I am proud to have been responsible for Mastiff and its variants Ridgback and Wolfhound which are the backbone of the UK protected mobility fleet. The 700 plus vehicles fielded since 2007 have delivered battle-winning capability and, through their supreme survivability, saved the lives of many soldiers. The transformational impact of this capability is no less significant than the introduction of the main battle tank in the First World War. Delivery of this programme in government and its support solution in industry, combined with the compressed timeframe over which it has been achieved, has given me a unique insight and understanding of this complex area.

I now work with clients in UK and internationally to develop strategies and solutions to the issues arising from this compression and complexity. I help them to redefine business models, build new capabilities and drive the development of new business ideas and relationships. Governments and the defence industry are now faced with a period of significant change which is creating new and uncharted strategic, commercial and organisational challenges. I deliver solutions that maximise capability performance, align stakeholder interests, increase shareholder value and bridge the gap between the defence customer and suppliers for the benefit of the soldiers.